Porsche up for grabs!!


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17 Jun 2003
This is taken off BBC UK news website:

Spammer's Porsche up for grabs

AOL says the Porsche has "symbolic value"

Internet giant AOL has ratcheted up the war against unsolicited e-mail with a publicity-grabbing coup - an online raffle of a spammer's seized Porsche.

AOL won the car - a $47,000 Boxster S - as part of a court settlement against an unnamed e-mailer last year. "We'll take cars, houses, boats - whatever we can find and get a hold of," said AOL's Randall Boe. According to Mr Boe, the Porsche's previous owner made more than $1m by sending junk e-mail.

Read more: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/3581435.stm
classic, shame it's AOL, probably be some wierd lifetime contract....

me " i won the posche "
AOL "all you life belong to us "

lol, I just thought about posting it five minutes ago. :)

Good one though. :)
AOL users can win a porche


It's a 2002 Porsche Boxster S that will be the grand prize in an America Online sweepstakes launching Tuesday.

AOL obtained the car in settling a lawsuit against "a guy who by our estimates made more than a million dollars from spamming," said Randall Boe, AOL executive vice president and general counsel.
Yup.. You're a bit late on this mate. I posted it yesterday morning. :p
Vetrius said:
What's with the 'blah' business? I've noticed this in a number of threads lately. Do speak english, that way we will understand you better. ;) :D
Got to agree with that. Don't just post single words, it could be viewed as spamming :)
Oh, I know what he's doing. He's spamming, not to make a fortune out of it like the one in this news article, but to increase his post count. :p
Je ne spam pas! Je veut parler come toi. JE n'aime pas l'anglais ou "english", francais est plus belle.
So there :p

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