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This may seem a little weird, but does anyone know of a page with lots of popups that I can test my popup blocker on? I don't want porn. Thanks.


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i seem 2 recall a thread were sum 1 posted a link + every 1 woz reallly pissed off cus it brang up so many pop up's there computers crashed:D can't remember which 1 though ask 1 of the mods


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You asked for it Powerchordpunk. You will click this at your own risk. Other members DO NOT click this link. It may crash your computer. I have warned you. One more time...it is at your own risk. I am not kidding. I will take no responsibility for you clicking this


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I was the one that was pissed, do not click that link, ur pop up stopper will not stop it, it will crash your computer.

don't say you have not been warned :(

Shamus MacNoob

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I had to click that link it was just to tempting LOLOL not so bad lots of pages but never crashed when I was at about ohhhhhhh 30 or so I just right clicked on the grouped icon and closed it hahahaha ...............

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