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have only just noticed that my isp does imap4 (been with them for over 10 years!!!) which you you suggest, there are times when i forget to back up my email or chance clients and having to convert the emails is a pain.

IMAP [Internet message access protocol]

  It is a method of accessing E-mail messages that are kept on a mail server. In other words, it permits a "client" email program to access remote message stores as if they were local.
  For example, email stored on an IMAP mail server can be manipulated from a desktop computer at home, a workstation at the office, and a notebook computer while travelling, without the need to transfer messages or files back and forth between these computers.
  As an example, If you would like to access your email from home, your office, and a computer at a friend's home, you would generally want to use IMAP mail. This would mean that the same messages would be in your inbox regardless of where you logged into the mail server from (as using IMAP does not remove messages from your inbox when they are downloaded).
  If you used POP3 instead, then whatever messages happened to be in your inbox at the time you check your mail would be downloaded to that particular computer ONLY, and would be removed from the mail server. When you checked your mail from another computer, the messages you had downloaded onto the other PC would not be available to you.
  For this reason, POP3 mail access is not ideal for access from multiple computers since it tends to sprinkle messages across all of the computers used for mail access.

that sounds handy, but is there a limit on how many msgs can be kept on a server or would i have to download them from time to time ? ISP site not overly clear
I hate IMAP, it used to drive me crazy how you would delete a message from Outlook only to have a strikethrough line go through it. Then, you would need to go up somewhere else and do some other deletion :eek:

It's your preference though, although you can setup your POP accounts to leave messages on the server. Honestly, if it's really that important, have you considered hosted exchange?
money is tight here atm, so what i have done is moved the outlook.pst file over to the backup drive :) so even if i do re-install and forget to back it up its still there :)
You can also schedule automatic archiving so your mail gets transferred after 14 such days. That will move from the outlook.pst to your archive.pst.
MS Outlook with IMAP is very annoying, but fortunately I have no need to use Outlook anymore. I love IMAP, I don't even bother configuring a POP3 server on my mail server anymore.
Mail.app on Mac OS X, Mail client on my N95 and roundcube if I'm windows though occasionally Thunderbird
Related question, backup got me thinking. Is there a backup tool or extension for gmail. If I wanted to backup all my mail into a file?
None of them on google work, or do what I want.

The only one that does what I want is G-Archiver and it is not free.
Connect over IMAP and then using your favourite client export the messages. Simple.

That being said, all of my email is run over IMAP. Means I can re-format my computer and not lose email, or use RoundCube when I am on a computer that is not mine.
I know I sorta took over this thread but,

I don't use a client, and don't want too. Is there no free way to backup my gmail.

Most of the google links talk about backing them up through outlook and things like that which I don't want to do, or backing it up into a google group, which I find pointless.
Just get an osnn.net account ;p
Does pop3 imap and webmail ;)
have 600 emails sat on the drive atm, so if it can store them too ;)
decided on imap4 - easier for all pcs (linux/windows) to have the email - :)

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