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I may actually be insane.
Yup, Mozilla failed the mouseover test. This is because Mozilla only stops "on load" pop-ups, so clicking a link or moving your mouse over some text is triggering the pop-up yourself and therefore classed as a legit requested window.

Still though, perhaps it could be an option in the future to disable mouseover links :)

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well, adshield did better then 100 percent

that's right, where the page says a pop up should open and the blocker should close it, I never got an incling of a pop up.

passed every test with better then flying colors

in addititon, the adshield is not a proxy type of addblocker, and doesn't effect load speeds because if this

great little program, but the full version is no loinger free

I got mine though
Quote: "One of the more friendly test sites Ive seen, i tend to use live junk sites for decent testing."

Another good site for pop-up testing (live) is TweakXP. (When I go to that site my pop-up proggy sounds like a machine gun going off):D


I may actually be insane.
Those pop-ups can be from anywhere..

Try this:
Start > Run > Net send localhost hello from yourself

If you want to disable this then go to start > run type in services.msc then locate the service called Messenger double click it, then set it to Disabled or Manual, then click the stop button, then click ok..

You wont be bothered by those messages again.


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yeah Firebird one only failed on the mouse over ones and there was one where it came up tellin me it had blocked a pop-up, but that was the only one, all the others that it blocked it did transparently


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Originally posted by Dave Holbon
Whats this "Messenger Service" thing that keeps poping up then?
This is from a place called Endads.com or similar
I was living in endads hell for a while! From the start menu:

RUN> services.msc

look for messenger under the standard tab and disable it. For imediate effect you can also stop it running straight away.

you'll never see those pop-ups again!


P.S. Thanks enyo!

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