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Pop-Up Stopper - sorted, sry


OSNN Addict
Installed PUS which is cool, but it stops a feature I like in IE - ie ability to right click and open new window. Any way to allow this and still keep PUS active?

I hate to navigate from a search page and then go back - prefer to open a new window and check out the new page with the search page still there to go back to i needed.

Any ideas?


NTFS Stoner
try popup ad filter, i stumbled on this after the support stopped on PUK. it wont allow any popups you didnt ask for by left or right clicking on a link. but hit a warez site or porn site and the system speaker beeps away like mad (i use bleep sys speaker to alert me incase i cant open a link) holding CNTL down when pressing a link lets through anything incase it acts up.. so far i havnt had a problem apart from it occasionaly stopping me opening my mailbox from messenger. rather press CNTL while i do it than have a flurry of popus let through.

95% effective in my opinion, has anyone else used this ?

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