PoP: Sands of Time


Boogie Nights...!

Been playing it for a few minutes...it's incredible!!! Stunning graphics and animation....very impressed so far!!
1 evening? did he play nonstop? ...wow, might want to find your mate a lady or something of that nature :p

yea, its a fun game, and it warrants some attention especially because of all the crap that has been coming out recently - is a nice break from all the carbon copy games


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I was playing it at the store, lol. I think its pretty cool. The style of the whole thing is great! The graphics just top it off!
i had to make a difficult choice between SSX3 and POP: Sand of Time.... in the end i got SSX 3.... it is good too....... but i will get POP next time..... :)


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I wouldn't be surprised if someone with nothing to do for a day finished this game in one sitting. It's short ... I'm stuck at 62% now ... but I got there in two days ... two sittings of maybe 2 hours each.


Boogie Nights...!
Originally posted by vern
two sittings of maybe 2 hours each.
My @ss!! ;) You make the game sound easy and short....it's not either!

Its a brilliant game..something to challenge the mind rather than the reflexes for a change.


No a bad game... Finshed it in one day? I don't think even the above average person can do that. Took me three days and that involved alot of time. Grant it, I'm not the smartest person around...

Only grip about the game was the camera. It had a tendency to move in particular angles ( about any angle I didn't want it to). I understand why now NWNs does not have functioning ceilings....

Too many fight scene of me just stairing at a pillar, or trying to jump between walls blindly. But I do agree, the graphics are incredible, and it was fun. Jus a few small glitches here and there that can cause alot of fustration. But what game is perfect?



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I never said the game wasn't good. I said the game was short. That it certainly is. The game's length is not a problem to me, but it's an issue that everyone who has played and finished says. Ever since Max Payne 1, there have been many short games that have come out. The puzzles early on are very easy, and with the flybys in every new area and your visions ... everything is a lot easier. Easy is not bad ... easy in this sense means accessable instead of frustrating. Anyone should be able to finish the game in around 15 hours. People who have a knack of playing games fast and moving on will probably finish it in 11-13 hours.


Boogie Nights...!
Originally posted by vern
..Anyone should be able to finish the game in around 15 hours. People who have a knack of playing games fast and moving on will probably finish it in 11-13 hours.
Exactly!! Now back to your original quote of "two sittings of maybe 2 hours each". Using my advanced mathematical skills that makes 4 hours. Make ya mind up lad! :p


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Did I ever say I finished it? There goes your mathematical skills. I don't know why you'd assume that I'd actually brag about how fast I go through a game. I didn't know there were any kids in 7th grade in the forums.

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