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Originally posted by catch23
I have 6 systems...

Intel Pentium @ 166mhz
AMD K6/2 @ 200mhz
Intel Pentium II @ 350mhz
Intel Celeron @ 417mhz
AMD Athlon Thunderbird @ 1.2ghz
AMD AthlonXP 1600+ @ 1.4ghz

...did I convert?
But it's how to tell !

You have three of each so thats balanced,

We could add the Mhz and see what happens

AMD = 2800 Mhz

Intel = 933 Mhz

Therefore I am forced to concude that you are an AMD fan ;) :D


More to a great system than speed

I am a pure Intel man, I have never strayed from the path for my own systems. I do however service other peoples systems, and the amount of grief that non Intel systems cause is unbelieveable.

Nothing wrong with AMD CPU's but the chipsets that support them are really bad. The worst offender being VIA boards.

I get alot of machines it that are doing strange things, reboots for no reason, crackling audio, incompatible PCI cards etc,,, almost always a VIA system with a AMD CPU.

All the Intel systems I have built, have all worked 100%, does not matter what card goes in what slot, or what version of 4in1 (not that you need them for Intel) etc, they just work. Non Intel systems however take alot of luck, some and some guesswork to get running properly.

Just my 2p worth....
Why is this topic being brought-up again? We seasoned computer experts know that the Pentium processor is the chip of choice when it comes to real-world applications. Applications requiring powerful and precise processing power in the fields of finance, medicine, government and national defense. Where lives, nations and financial institutions are at stake! Where excuses like, "my computer is down" don't cut the cheese!

Let us all take a moment in silence and cheerish the Pentium Central Processing Unit for what it has contributed to the advancement of man-kind.

SnookBooger out...:D


OSNN Godlike Veteran
Although I'm tired of this debate it appears there are others who like to continue with it. I don't have a problem with your debates but when it comes to flaming of memebers, that won't be tolerated. If there is anymore flaming in this thread it will be closed!!

catch23: Next time there is a problem and to get a quicker response, either email a mod or report the post. We can't be here 24/7 but we do try to be here as much as possible.


Well the reason AMD cpu's have problems is because intel has made sure that there will be problems. The operating system is made by microsoft, the Intel cpu chip maker is owned by microsoft. What better way to sell more Intel cpu chips than to put some bugs in the Amd cpu drivers. Example: If you notice the driver for Intel chips are installed automatically. The Amd cpu gets the generic processor driver. Hmmmmmmm. And the real clincher to the whole deal is: There is a driver for the amd chips! And it's aproved by microsoft to be used with xp. But when you update through microsoft you will not get it! Hmmmm. I have the driver that is for Amd Athalon cpu installed. I got it about 4 months ago. It does make a difference. The problem is I don't remember where I got it from. Well maybe someone knows.



Well Intel does make the fastest processor in the world... The Intel Itanium... But other than that, Athlon does make a very good processor. AMD's could out perform a Pentium pretty easy I think. :D


Originally posted by catch23
Fastest based on clock speed.
And performance for the moment. Intel's fastest offerings are now clearly fast in the real world than AMD's offerings. Price not being considered here nor overclocking.

This may all change with the impending release of the AMD's Clawhammer processor. Of course this is all in respect to the desktop market.



Originally posted by SnookBooger
Your P4 Northwood's are the undisputed world champion processors in terms of quality, speed and stability. Can we say: "QUAD PUMPED!"
Does it matter if its quad pumped? That type of stuff is great for promotional purposes but in the end all that matters is real world performance. Undisputed world champion? I have no idea where that came from.

Quality.....please explain. That is extremely vague. Stability matters not on ther CPU but on the supporting motherboard platforms. Both CPU's are rock solid stable when setup correctly.

For the moment the P4 is the faster of the 2 processors, simply because the Athlon XP can't be ramped up in clock speed like the P4 can (which is what Intel always had in mind when they created the P4).



What's more the Clawhammer is going to be initially released at speeds greater than 2ghz. The Clawhammer looks set to rock.:cool:

Quote: Snookbooger: you'll have your foot in your mouth as soon as the Clawhammer is released...an 800mhz outperformed a 1.6ghz P4...and that's on a 32bit application (Quake 3)...what's it gonna do when you have a 64-bit version of Windows XP? ...amazing

You'll need a "Clawhammer" to remove the chip from the board when it decides to go thermal!

:D ;)

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