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Poll: How often do you clean install?

How often do you wipe everything off your computer and start over?

Ghost and other similar programs count.
The operating system must be completely reinstalled, upgrades don't count.

*Got this idea from Cosmin at in this thread

I think that I clean install every 6 months or so... I just format when xp becomes unstable and goes all slow and stuff or when i change something big in the hardware. Running on a 3 weeks old xp now, because i changed my hdd.
I think 6 months is going to be the popular answer...Thats how long it takes for me to make xp unstable (through tweaks and downloads). A year is too long and I have not got Ghost working smoothly yet.

every 6 months you try a new tweak and you f*ck up your system... and a year is too long for Xp to survive... If someone answers never, that guy must tell me how he managed it :D

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