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Policy Issues


Stranger Than Fiction
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At least I think this is a policy issue. Our policy guru's our out of town so I can't ask.

The issue is this. We have this machine inside a promotional kiosk. It needs to be on 24/7, unfortunately after 20 min it goes into standby. I've disabled standby in my domain admin account and the local admin account. I've also set it to never shut down the monitor, the hdd and to never start a screensaver. Usually when I do this that setting gets inherited by the user accounts and we are fine. In this case it doesn't. The user account has the screensaver set, it has the power options still set and standy still setup. If I attempt to disable them from that profile I'm told I don't have sufficient privileges to do this.

So anyway, that's when I start thinking policy, I figure that has to be something in there that just will not allow users to change their power management settings. I could be wrong. In fact I kinda hope I am, since I have no idea how to edit the policy. For the time being the account is logged in as an admin with the correct settings but it can't remain like that forever. So the questions I have are ... Assuming it is a policy issue, how do I fix it? If it isn't a policy issue what could it be?



Bow Down to the King
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Sadly power settings cannot be controled via Group Policy without the above tool. I never understood why Microsoft did this. You would think the settings would be copied from the (local) administrator but it is profile specific (Default User?).

Thank goodness they fixed this in Vista and that it keeps track of the settings across the board.

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