PNY Geforce4 ti4400 and MSI KT333 Ultra ARU


Rangnar Maddox

This is probably as frustrated as I've ever been (with a computer, at least). I basically replaced my whole system. I was at my last step, installing the new video card (a PNY Geforce4 ti4400), and when I rebooted the whole screen became covered with little red dots.... later on, it became little blue squares instead. That was quickly followed by lock ups. This was with Windows ME initially. A friend told me to upgrade to Windows XP, since Windows ME was buggy (he said). When I did so, it was the same thing, except when I install the new Detonator drivers (dated 4/26/2002), or even the ones that came with the video card, it won't boot back into Windows XP, except in safe mode. So I am currently running my system with Standard PCI VGA Adapter drivers installed (a very expensive PCI VGA adapter, mind you). Anyway, this is my system:

MSI KT333 Ultra ARU motherboard
XP 2000+ AMD CPU
2 256MB PC2700 (333MHz) sticks of memory
Soundblaster Audigy OEM soundcard
Intel Pro/100+ PCI Network card
2 60GB Maxtor 7200RPM ATA133 HDD in RAID 0 (striping) mode
TDK 40X12X48 CD-RW drive
Pioneer 105S slot DVD-ROM
Envision e7100 17" LCD Monitor
PNY Geforce4 ti4400 video card

Two important points: This exact same system works PERFECT with my previous video card, an Elsa Gladiac Ultra (Geforce2 Ultra). Also, the Geforce4 ti4400 has been tested in two other computers, one which had WindowsXP installed.

Rangnar Maddox

Also, I forgot to mention that I have flashed the latest motherboard BIOS, and installed VIA 4-in-1 4.38 (the newest ones). The other strange thing is that when I reboot, even the POST screen (displaying mem/cpu/IDE info) has a few different colors on it, where a few of the words have been "reflected", slightly up and to one side, but in a different color.
For anyone who can possibly help me, I should also mention that I have tried different BIOS settings, including currently setting them to recommended settings from PNY's website. Not that it seems to matter what the *!&%@ I set them to...


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I hate to give this diagnosis...but I am thinking you either have a bad mobo...or bad vid card...what you need to do is pop another vid card in and see if it works fine.

The fact that your getting visual artifacts on the POST screen indicate a problem that is not with the drivers but with the hardware itself (be it the AGP slot or the card) double check that the card is pressed pretty hard into the slot and fully in.....the symptoms you describe normally only occur on overheated or bad hardware, sorry man :(

Rangnar Maddox

The only problem with that is the Geforce4 worked fine on another system with WinXP (and a cheaper DFI motherboard). Not only that, but I ran the 3DMark2001 benchmark two times in a row with not the slightest bit of a hiccup.
And my system ran the Geforce2 Ultra for a week with absolutely no problem. So, if the motherboard or the video card is bad, it is only bad with respect to the other component. Either part on its own works perfectly (if that makes any flipping sense.) In other words, this is some sort of conflict that I don't know how to resolve. That's why I at first assumed it was some sort of BIOS setting that was incorrect...


As much as Hate to say this your card and mobo are just not compatible...this really does not happen very often...and I am sure I will get many replies that beg to differ (please no swearing)....if you can return the card for one from another company: eVGA Xtasy or someone....also might want to save a 100 bucks or so and get a ti4200 gf4 (early May)...knowing 3Dmark benchmarks are higher w/ 4400...but you just will not see the difference..again just suggestions :( :eek: :D

Rangnar Maddox

If that is the case, I am extra screwed, because I gave somebody else the cash to buy it online (since he had a credit card), because it was $234 as opposed to $299+tax in stores. Returning this to an online store is going to be a serious heartache...

Rangnar Maddox

I would only want to purchase a Geforce4 ti video card online, because of the lower prices, BUT before I go out and blindly buy another Geforce4 card to try out with my MB, I would like to know (SOMEHOW) if it will work with my MB. I am not going to continually receive and ship video cards back to vendors because it turns out NONE of them work with my MSI KT333 MB. Even if I go to a local store to purchase a Geforce4 Ti card, if it doesn't work and I have to return it, I am probably going to lose money with some damn restocking fee. Is there any way anybody knows of to verify some sort of compatibility before I make another purchase!?

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