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PM blocker enhancement?


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Good questions - open ones really - though I suspect EP will confirm the latter and I am guessing he will say yes. But surely this would not meet the requirement Venom had, and if you PM someone ignoring you then are you told the PM is not being delivered? I think the blocking I had in mind was to inform both parties that messaging was not going to happen....


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
ah yes Derek - but there is also a Buddy/Ignore list and this is what Khayman was getting at - if I put you on my ignore list and then you PM me what happens? (Not that I am going to do that, because then I would not see this post from you either!)


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I knew that is what he was referring to, I was just chiming in ;)

I just added your AIM account to my buddy list. I will block you on the forum, and then send you an AIM message when it has been done. Once that occurs, send me a PM, then a message on AIM, and we can figure it out :)

Trial and error baby, trial and error :)


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Never got the PM, and you've been unblocked.

Only thing I would say about that is maybe the sender should get an error message, or some other type of feedback?


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
I think this one post may help clear up what Dereck was doing ^^^ ;)

(12:56:11) wwwdjrcs: there?
(12:56:18) Paul Wrighton: usually
(12:56:25) Paul Wrighton: and now - obviously
(12:56:39) Paul Wrighton: though AIM is normally a colleague
(12:57:05) wwwdjrcs: heh
(12:57:08) Paul Wrighton: I have AIm on this box and all other protocols on another
(12:57:13) wwwdjrcs: i'm going to block you on the forum, send me a pm in a min
(12:57:16) Paul Wrighton: so you sneaked onto my work desktop
(12:57:28) Paul Wrighton: just do not block me here at the same time
(12:57:34) Paul Wrighton: Ep will know this already
(12:58:00) wwwdjrcs: hehe
(12:58:02) wwwdjrcs: i won't
(12:58:10) wwwdjrcs: yeah he may, but this is fun :)
(12:58:26) Paul Wrighton: sent a PM
(12:58:38) Paul Wrighton: low grade fun - this end anyway
(12:58:55) wwwdjrcs: lol
(12:59:14) wwwdjrcs: did you get any messages when trying to send?
(12:59:15) Paul Wrighton: ElementalDragon is the other OSNN personage that AIMs me once in a blue moon
(12:59:20) Paul Wrighton: not as yet
(12:59:56) Paul Wrighton: was it blocked
(12:59:58) Paul Wrighton: ?
(12:59:58) wwwdjrcs: I don't mind helping
(13:00:02) wwwdjrcs: i never got it
(13:00:06) wwwdjrcs: and i just unblocked you
(13:00:12) Paul Wrighton: could be when you unblock me it will show though
(13:00:18) Paul Wrighton: list messages
(13:00:23) Paul Wrighton: I will send a second
(13:01:10) Paul Wrighton: sent #2
(13:01:10) wwwdjrcs: i unblocked
(13:01:22) Paul Wrighton: how many do you see?
(13:01:24) wwwdjrcs: received second, not first
(13:01:25) wwwdjrcs: 1
(13:01:30) wwwdjrcs: with subject of "second"
(13:01:35) Paul Wrighton: OK - well you know what to say on thread now
(13:01:52) Paul Wrighton: but I am left with zero knowledge that i was "blocked"
(13:02:06) wwwdjrcs: i posted something related to that
(13:02:07) Paul Wrighton: so this is not quite what Venom would like - or is it?
(13:02:10) wwwdjrcs: have to go eat breakfast and head out
(13:02:14) Paul Wrighton: OK
(13:02:14) wwwdjrcs: i dont think so
(13:02:21) wwwdjrcs: because he would have to knwo the names of everyone he wants to block
(13:02:21) Paul Wrighton: have a good one
(13:02:28) Paul Wrighton: exactly
(13:02:32) wwwdjrcs: and new bastards sign up every day, that would be impossible
(13:02:39) Paul Wrighton: lol
(13:02:43) Paul Wrighton: can i paste this AIM?
(13:03:06) Paul Wrighton: no answer will be taken to mean yea


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
I was not really "wanting" just saw there could be a case for it (I'm actually not ignoring anyone so far as I remember!) and so IF it was there I thought it should maybe operate like this, but with the additional funcionality of advising the sender their PM was "blocked" or "not sent"...


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Yeah when I had him blocked and he sent me the PM, there was no notice on his end to let him know it was blocked or not received, and it didn't bounce back. It must have gone off to PM heaven :p

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