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I have a dell inspiron 8100 laptop and it has a samsung dvd/cd rw drive and the problem is that when i burn a cd i always get a buffer under run.
I am using nero or something but i have tried to make an img onto the hdd and burn it at 8x and 2* still a buffer under run...i ahve tried different media still no joy....could it be the software i am using hence nero..just that nero is really good and has wrked for me on ma home pc without no probs..shall i use aanother software and if so what will i need the updates etc..i tried installing winon cd 3.7 and that does not recognise my drive etc...:confused: :confused: please help.


Hi, have you tried setting the write speed to its lowest, and then record. Because your harddrive might not be able to keep up with the writer, or is your writer burnproof, if so make sure it is ticked on in the options.


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Also in the nero options try setting the HD buffer higher and see if that helps, it worked for my fried when he had that same problem, so just increase it by 10 or so meg and give it a go


for problems like these, use the dell support forums located here . You will be able to get a better reply cuz most likey somebody has had the same problem as you. Just make sure that you include your model number and the hardware causing the problem. It might be a driver problem as well.

ps. for you past question about dvd regions, look here for instructions on how to play foreign dvds

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