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Plz Help me - XP pro uninstall



i upgraded from win98 to winXP pro but it has to many program conflictions so how can i uninstall XP completely without formatting or doing any backing up.......i know there's a uninstall command in add/remove programs......but many of the Xp files and folders still exist even after uninstalling XP......so what can i do.........how do i get rid of them.........plz help me.......


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Your best bet, probably, is to reformat and reinstall Win 98 SE. Unfortunately, "uninstall" is never what it is cracked up to be.

What kind of program conflictions are you having? It is highly possible that your programs are fine, but, as installed in Win 98 SE, they don't work when upgraded to Win XP. There is a far different structure to the Win NT family than the Win 9x family.

What you could do is reformat to do a new installation of Win XP and reinstall all of your programs freshly on it. A lot of potential conflictions will go away right there. A major criticism of Win XP is that it is very upgrade unfriendly.

Maybe someone else can help you out better, but I don't know what else to tell you myself.



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I would have to agree with melon best bet would to reformat for stability....then just make a partition and duel boot...that's what I'm doing my kids have some xp unfriendly games so I just duel boot and have my xp partition converted to ntfs so the kids can even see it....so no accidently deletions of my files...


umm......if i want to do a duel boot how do i do it?.....im not very good at DOs...as a matter of fast all can do is type in dir and exit.
If u do a duel boot.....do u have to make 2 drives?..one for xp and one for 98?.....could one of u guys could tell me how to create a duel boot thingi. Thankx a lot for your help.
And things like my scanner, digital camera and DVD Player dont work...i've searched everywhere for an XP compatible driver but cant find any......i thing i'll just do the duel boot thingi....and if i want to backup my files..do i have to burn them onto a cd or something?......i suk at anything to do with computers if u didnt catch that already.


I also cant spell......so plz excuse any errors i have made in typing....in the first line it "as a matter of fact".....sorry


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could you post your config? like drives, free space, hardware, etc?

If you suck @ pc's, then fdisk (creating partitions, lets multiple drives on one drive) is not really something for you...

You could use partition magic 7 to create partitions, but print out the manual :D and back up all your documents, music, porn, etc :D

The multiboot-thingie :D is automatically created for you by WinXP. All you have to do is have two seperate partitions, and install win98 first, and then do a clean install of winXP on the other partition.



Never upgrade to windows xp!!!!!!
It's the worse thing you can possibly do to ur system!!
Your best bet is to format and totally re-install!!!

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