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Plextor Writer Problems Help

In the last day or so my plextor cdrw px-w4012a,has started playing up for no apparent reason.When the pc boots up it finds the drive ok but the green light is flashing on/off and then the pc stops booting up,untli you press the eject button.Then when booted the green light is still on/off but pressing the button to close the cd tray nothing happens.No conflicts or anything any HELP much appreciated.Its about a 1,1/2 old .Thanks:(
Doesn't sound good...

Usual list of questions:
Add any software in the last few days?
Yes - uninstall the new software and see if it's fixed.
Upgraded any software in the last few days?
Yes - Try and roll the system back to before the problem.
I assume you would have mentioned any new hardware so we'll skip that one.

If none of the above helps try:
1). Go to start-control panel-system-hardware-device manager, open dvd/cd rom. Then right click the cd drive name, then click uninstall. When it's done uninstalling the cd drive reboot and windows will find and reinstall the cd drive. This will replace the drivers if they got hosed. (If it doesn't auto reinstall on boot go to start-control panel-add hardware and follow the instruuctions.)

2). Install the cd in another computer and see if it works there if you have that option. Friends with computer come in handy. :)

If none of the above helps I hope you're still in warantee. If the warantee has expired think Lite-on, they have a 52x burner for about USD $50.

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