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Plextor PX-716A


Beware the Monkeys!!!
I just received my new PX-716A DVD burner, and all I can say is wow!!! If anyone is in the market for a DVD burner, this is the way to go. It does cost a little bit more than others on the market, but it is well worth it.

I tested it right away, burning 2 movies, (that I own), and burning the Solaris 10 DVD, no problems and fast, even on lower rated media. The next thing is to burn a Verbatim DVD+R/DL at 6x. I will let you know how that goes. BTW, both movies played great in my DVD player.

Interestingly glowing report onmthe slowest, most over priced and least accurate drive available today :)

Have fun winth ith though. THere are cheaper and better drives on the market unless you got yours free :)


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Give us more details like the software package and all that Jazz :cool:

I bought a Sony DL burner myself but I bought it primarily because of the software pack. It had more and newer stuff than anything else I have seen.


Beware the Monkeys!!!
I got the drive for its capability. I didn't really care what the software package was, considering I already use Nero. Frankly to bad nods to Plextor, Plextor is all I have ever used, at least at home. I have never had any issues with their speed or capability, and I have never made a coaster, unless it was a mistake on my part.


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many drives have no issues with speeds, capabilities, or making coasters. the only drive i've ever had that made a coaster was my very... VERY first CD-RW drive, which i believe was an HP 8x CD-RW drive..... which was well before the time of buffer underrun protection and all that jazz. my relatively old Asus 52x CD-RW.... i still use it, but i'm thinking of putting my somewhat new Lite-On 4x DVD+/-RW drive in, since it'd be more practical for DVD-to-DVD copies..... eliminate the middle man of caching the data to my hard drive while i switch discs. ever since my Asus i've never had a problem with a writable drive. Only problem i've had with my Lite-On 4x drive is that often times it'd kinda freeze and still show the title of the disc that USED to be in the drive, until i put a new disc in. didn't happen TOO often, but when it did, it kinda became a hassle. kept thinking "i coulda swore i took that disc out..... *presses eject button* ...... oh, i did." I love lite-on drives quite a lot.

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