Please tell me why games aren't running that well..

I got Rainbow six vegas and right inside the box was an advertisement for the card that I own. *plays best on a radeon x1950 pro* I have that card and the game still runs at 20 - 30 fps. I have windows xp media center edition, pentium 4 3ghz, radeon x1950 pro, and 2gb ram. how come i get such bad framerates? do I need a better cpu or what? If i should be getting better rates with my setup could you tell me how? I already altered the ini file for lower res models and so on. I thought with this comp games would run better.



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First of all, Rainbow 6 runs like ass. It's not a very well optimized port.

Secondly, just because your card is listed as recommended does not mean that it is THE card of choice. It simply means (in my opinion) that it is the baseline card to get all the effects the game is capable of.

With your system, your processor is most definitely the biggest bottleneck present. It is simply too slow by todays standards. I would consider an AMD dual-core processors as a baseline these days.


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Could be many things... maybe the software running in the background, maybe it doesn't run as well on media center (don't hold me to it), or maybe something in the setting that you have turned on that shouldn't be... or maybe your card is underclocked. That is all I can throw out. It should essentially by the video card's default settings be fast enough on the game.


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Could be drivers, how "clean" your windows installation is or multiple other things. Sazar is right, R6 Vegas is a half ass console port and runs terribly for how it looks. Still a fun game though :)

For an example, I run the game at 1920x1200 on my 8800 GTS and I get in the 20 - 60 fps range depending on what map and what I happen to be looking at. The fps in that game jumps around a lot.