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Please recommend a graphics card


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I would like to upgrade/add a graphics card to my exsisting pc (emachine t3092). Im not really a gamer or do massive amounts of video editing...the main reason i want a graphics card is because i would like to display home movies that i have on my hard drive without burning them to DVD.

i had in mind a Nvidia FX5500 with 256mb with an s-video out...but i dont really follow this area of computers. So any info would be greatly appreciated...

also i was thinking about getting a tv tuner to record from my satilight...but i heard something about i would need to upgrade to Windows Media Edition, is this true?
Your current graphics card is an NVIDIA GeForce4 MX

Anything in the next 2 generations would be sufficient for you.

ATI's 9000 series --- preferably the higher end would be good. (9600,9700,9800)

An 'All in Wonder' version of those cards would have the TV tuner, I doubt you would have any trouble using your current OS to record off the satellite.

NVidia has some nice cards as well, but I know little to nothing about them. Someone else will likely chime in on this subject.


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I think master pretty much covered it.

For the money, the 9600XT is the best priced video card on the net if you are on a budget.

If not i would go with a X800XL IF your motherboard supports 8x AGP that is.

EDIT: Well, now I did it... I hate when I have to retract a previous statement, but when I looked up your eMachine on google, it says you have an integrated video card, which means you wont be able to remove one and install anothe in its place, being that you dont have a video slot to plug one in.

check HEREto be sure this is your machine. If it is then it might be easier for you to see how much it would cost you to upgrade your eMachine.

Personally, I would reccomend you NOT buy another eMachine, while they have god deals when it comes time to upgrade you will likely find this is a problem many times over. I would reccomend DELL as they have great customer support (including On-site weekends)

Write back and verify the research I did and we can try and help you from there...
hehe Ilike how it has a hdd made by nobody :D

I'ts probably got an AGP expansion slot - certainly the chipset would allow for an agp port.best thing is to openit up and see if there is an offset expansion slot (furthertowards the centre of the motherboard) near the top of the computer by the processor.


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thanks for all the feed back

i downloaded a system scanner (Everest home edition)...it posted i do have an AGP 8x slot and i was sort of looking to go that route...if that makes sense to do so...not really sure.

also i was wondering why everybody says to go with ati vs nvidia?
ati have better tv capture / display hardware than nvidia do. there is also debate on nvidia's texture filtering methods being substanrd on 6000 and 7000 series cards. At the end of the day unless you're looking to get reality on your screen it makes no difference.


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i found an ati 9600 all in wonder does anybody recommend this, because when i was reading another forum about tv tuners they were refered to as ****. Just wondering because it was the same price as the 9600xt

also i would like to know what is the difference between brands such as Gigabyte or Sapphire...thanks again
Is it the 9600 AIW, 9600 PRO AIW, or 9600 XT AIW?

The pro is a pretty good card. The XT is over priced for the added performance over a pro. The 9600 is getting slow in performance to recommend as an upgrade these days.

If it says LE or SE in the name anywhere avoid it like the plague. They stand for Limited Edition and Substandard Edition and are usually badly crippled versions of the original card made to sell cheap.

Just for grins open the case and make sure the first card slot along the back is brown and set about an inch further from the back of the case than the rest. That is your AGP slot. Emachines usually have graphics built into the motherboard and I don't trust utilities to always read the info out of the system.

PS I have a Winfast TV tuner. Those are ****. ATI is much more highly recommended by people I know and trust. I shoulda got an ATI :(
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