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Please Help, XP Load Issue

Hello all

I turned my PC on today and found that every time it gets to the Windows XP Logon screen, well just before it where it says Windows Starting, the computer decideds to restart, i tried booting in safemode to find the same issue, so i cannot access safemode either. My windows XP installation is on my main Drive. I'm currently on Windows Vista which is installed on my 2nd Drive, Vista works fine however all my files documents etc are on Drive 1 and i dont wish to lose them or make the Leap to using Vista Permanatly. Is there anything i can do from Vista to fix my XP issue? XP is all up to date, no new hardware or drivers installed, all USB Devices unplugged. I've had Vista on this computer awhile and Vista is probably not the cause of this.
Please can someone help me ASAP ive got university work to hand in next week!

Many thanks

I can copy some files yes, but programs i use to do my work on do not work on Vista. I just need my 1st Drive up and running basically.


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Sounds like you might need to do a repair install of XP. I think you just need to boot from the XP CD and press 'R' when it asks whether or not you want to do a repair install.

I don't know how this would affect your dual boot process though, if XP had any sense it would leave it exactly as it is now but you never know with Microsoft!

Good luck anyway.
If i want to put the XP SP2 Recovery console on, i need the 6 Boot disks right? i dont have the XP CD or 6 Floppy disks, if i downloaded the 6 boot disks how can i burn them onto cd to install the recovery console?

bush dogg

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I don’t know if this will work with Vista or not as the second OS but it will work with two XP installs side by side.

What you would do is access the registry of the bad OS from the good OS and Navigate to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\CrashControl” and set the value for "autoreboot to “O” this will set the autoreboot to disabled so maybe you can get the error code when the pretty blue screen shows up.

With that error code you will have a better idea of the problem that is causing XP to not boot fully and maybe be able to correct it.

Like I said I don’t know if this will work with Vista as the second OS so if you try this “Just backup everything you can first” Because I don’t know what Vista will do but it may be worth a shot to you. If it was to XP installs I know it works.

Use method 2 in the article Here

Just backup what you can first.

Good Luck!!


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Doesnt a repair mess things up tho? like drivers service pack etc?
I cant find my XP Repair disk, is there another way to repair?
If i want to put the XP SP2 Recovery console on, i need the 6 Boot disks right? i dont have the XP CD or 6 Floppy disks, if i downloaded the 6 boot disks how can i burn them onto cd to install the recovery console?
First.. try to edit a post instead of posting 3 new messages all in a row :)

A repair may or may not mess things up from a patch/service pack perspective. most times, I haven't had a problem doing repair installs (besides, would you rather have a system missing a few drivers/patches or a system that doesn't boot?) And most of those patch/driver issues are easily fixed after the system is back up and running.

There isn't an XP Repair disk - you use your XP install disk. Boot off the disk, at some point it will prompt you to repair the existing install. If I remember correctly, there are actually two places where it tells you to repair - the first time will actually start the recovery console. If you go past that first stage and say you want to install, the Installation disk should "search your drive for existing install" and give you the option to repair the existing installation.


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You're right there isn't an XP repair disc but he might be on about a "restore" disc that manufacturers often give out to which is basically an image of XP with all their crap thrown in!


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Do you have a dual boot system? And you use the standard bootsystem from Vista? Maybe using vistabootpro will solve the problem. This replaces the standard bootprocedure.

Look for it on google. I have it but can't remember where I downloaded it from. Can send it to you by pm if necessary.
I've had Vista on dual boot with XP since Vista release, using Vista Boot pro. I'm going to try a repair tommorow, i dont know what to do using the recovery console to get it to boot, any suggestions? ive ran Chkdisk n still same problem.

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