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Please help with Linux : install questions

Silly question, I know, but, I am wondering which version I should download? i586?

I have an AMD XP 1900. It says the builds are for pentium...

Also, when downloading Mandrake ISOs, there are two files, something like

md5sums.90m and read me. where should I burn those?

Thanks a lot :)

PS. I love this thread, everyone who makes it possible, and all it's active members. I'll explain why later. : D
Yes, you need to download the i586 version.

And you don't need to burn md5sums.90m and readme.

Good luck as you venture into the world of Linux :D
i think you'll be happy with mandrake. i installed 9.0 beta a few weeks back and have only messed with it a little.

i was very impressed with the smooth install.

it r purty!

now, if only linux had more support for games, i'd completely dump ms from my life!

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