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Please help, slow startup... (+of internetconn)



Hello, got 2 questions:

1.) I've got WindowsXP Pro and it starts up very fast for my PIII 450 :)....but after it is "finished" starting up it isn't really finished I think.
I can access My Computer and some other programs but can't access my internet connection (Cable via Ethernetcard) :( . Now I've put it in the startupdir but it takes more than a minute before it starts up :confused:

2.) After I pushed the Shutdown button and the startbar is dissapeared I get an "Explorer is not responding" message....then I can click end task or something and that works but it isn't normal..

Cya BaZz
First I would check your startup folder !!! Remove the crap you dont need.

Second go and get the AD-WARE progy ! click

Run this and remove all the stuff it finds..

Third ... get this and use it to remove start-up stuff in the reg....


Thnx m8 :) the dailup connection is now showing up in a few secs....

But now I have an even greater problem :( :(
Windows doasn't run smooth anymore :( :( it takes a while longer to start up AND startbutton takes longer to expand.....and the worst thing: Renegade (Game) loads 2x SLOWER ....noooooooo.. anyone knows what I've done wrong ??

I've only set the things on startup off from the guide on the site (For a safer, faster XP)
And I've installed Norton Systemworks 2002 but I don't thing that's the prob cause it has nothin to do with my games and I'm only loading Antvirs at startup..

Damn...anyone can help ?? Thnx in advance


If you are NOT on a network;

1. In the run box, type in MSCONFIG and press enter
2. Go to the 'services' tab and remove the checkmark from 'workstation'
3. Reboot and tell the nag screen not to keep reminding you that you have disabled some services.


Thank you so much !!!
Problems are fixed now: fast startup and internet immediaty :) :cool:

But (sorry) still one question: How can I connect automatic on startup ??

Cya BaZz

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