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Please Help Please!!!!!

Since I'm not getting any replies please read the post at bhmotorsports.com and if you can help please reply here or there whichever!!!


I have tried the NOCD released by FairLight DOX and it only works for single player racing. If I try to use the NOCD.exe it says that my game is modified or altered when I try to connect to Sierra Online. The only way to fix this problem is to get my cd-rom reading the game cd which currently its not but only after I patch the game to version


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... and is the game original? You should not have any of the problems you are getting unless you have modified versions of files. I doubt you'd find any help on NO-CDs here.
Yes I bought the game, I'm not asking for anyone to help me pirate anything. The reason I think it's saying the version is modified is because he's using a NOCD.exe because the game will not start up when he uses the cd.

The only fix I have come across so far is after installing both of us patch to and then install any mods we wish. I then host an IP game and he has no problems at all joining. Which makes me come to the conclusion Sierra is scared people will duplicate cd's so there friends can play online, but whats the point of that when you have CD KEYS!!!! Why is it such a big deal wether or not someone has a legit CD in their TRAY!?!?! With or without the CD in the tray Sierra should be checking the CD KEYS which are being used and make sure no duplicate keys are online at the same time.
I've tried making an iso of my Nascar cd and it doesn't think its authentic which is why a cd must be in the tray unless you use the cracked nocd.exe.


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First off, copy-protection will never really protect their games from people who want to crack it ... but it does persuade discourage random copying. You seem to want to give copies to your friends ... something this forum doesn't support.

On the same note, yes you can copy copy-protected CDs with special programs that can create 1:1 copies of CDs. There is more to copying a CD than data you can see.
I can see you assume too much and have no idea what your talking about so please see yourself out of this thread.

Besides that I'm not copying cd's nor do I think I mentioned copying cd's! WHAT THE HELL quote me if I said it so I can justify!
Copy protected CD's violate the CD Standard which means they are no longer CD's. The music industry got slaughtered for this in the California courts and by the CD standards committee.

Your CD player is correctly refusing to read the copy protection which makes the game CD an invalid CD. The player is working as required. Many players will read the perverted copy protected game CDs.

Sierra has chosen to ignore industry compatibility standards and make your CD player not work and to require you to have a CD in to launch the game. You are screwed.

Your options are:
1). Return the Game as defective (it violates the CD standard). Consider swapping the CD for another one, it might work. Or try your buddy's CD in your machine.

2). Buy a new CD player that exceeds the CD standard and might read the copy protection.

3). Go checkout the game hack sites and see if there is a solution. The emulator in Alcohol 120% might work depending on the copy protection but I have now seen games that refuse to load and run if alcohol (or clone CD hide CDR) is installed or enabled on your system.

Also, whatever you do write a nasty letter to Sierra about "violating industry standards" in the name of copy protection and send a copy to your 2 senators and your congressman urging them to reject any legislation related to mandatory copy protection schemes in media.

PS In my experience over 50% of game updates are now being released to make the last "nocd crack" not work. I'm seeing may updates with no visible improvements. If you just want to play with your buddies roll the games back to a release that works with a nocd and use that one. It's what my gaming group does. I actually have some games insatlled twice. One copy for online gaming against the world and one older setup so I can play with my friends who can't afford to buy new hardware every time new copy protection comes out.

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