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please help me!

hi all

i have a hansol 710A moniter and i have a problem which i hope u guys can sort out

i installed xp pro 3 days ago and when i go to display properties under settings it says default monitor installed
when i go to advanced under the tab adapter it says unknown for everything and under the tab monitor it says default and there are no options.

when i go to device manager there is no monitors area so i cant install it from there
i tried to install drives from the hansol web site but where you pick what hardware it is there is no monitors option and i got this message "the specified location does not contain information about your hardware"

i dont have a clue what else to do

please please please help me!!!!

:confused: :confused:


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I have a NEC monitor @ home and a Compaq @ work. I sometimes take my box to work. Well, in both cases, there is only 'default monitor' listed in display options. Don't see the problem...

Have you tried downloading drivers for your monitor from the web?

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