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Please help me!



I have a friend who goes to college and his lan is set up to where you cant play online games, such as counterstrike. You can play them on the lan, but if you try to connect online it wont let you. I think they disabled the ports necessary to play. We got around the stupid filter using an alternate proxy, is there anyone around this insane restriction?


This is for a good reason, mind you. Don't you think you ought to spend more time studying and less time playing crappy games such as Camper****e?


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not sure... but if it is anything like my university... the reason for the restrictions is to save on bandwidth...

you can get creative perhaps but I have no idea about the legal ramifications on him if his connection is monitored (I know my uni has basic monitoring and it doesn't give a hoot AFAIK :) )
Most likely they blocked the external ports to protect against attacks on their LAN. I have a friend who's IP does that and certain games are unplayable over the internet. They have no sympathy for gamers and out hardships. :-( Of course it did no good , they were down for days during the latest worm infestation. Matter of fact the IP just disconnect a mess of users until they got their systems disinfected.


No there little EULA you have to sign, he showed it to me, says that they dont allow internet gaming because of bandwidth issues. Which is of course absurd. But i talked to Enyo who pointed me to HTTP Tunnel, i will have him try that out, but if anyone has any other ideas it would be greatly appreciated.

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