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Please help me figure out how to un-install Freeserve software from Outlook Express!



I recently tried Freeserve internet access free for a month. However, I dont use it anymore but I do not know how to remove the software that it installed on my Outlook Express and IE. I usually manually input the dial-up number but there was not an option to do so (atleast, I didnt see it!) I have tried System Restore but it says it cant restore back to the point(s) that I chose, and I have looked under Add/Remove programs but Outlook Express is not there (??) Not that I want to uninstall the whole Outlook - just what Freeserve put on it (like a Search bar thing added at the bottom) I have deleted the Freeserve account on my Outlook but I cant figure out how to get rid of the blummin' software that it installed! Please tell me how I can get rid of it - Thank you! :)


Speedy_B - it mustve given you the option to do it manually then? Thats what I have done with other ISP's but did not see an option to do that with Freeserve :(

BonyTony - Thank you for the links!


Ok...I have looked in my registry and tried to find the BodyBarPath key under Outlook Express...but there is nothing like that there.

I dl'ed the script from the second link. It removed the branding from my Outlook...ie. where it said Outlook Express powered by Freeserve, but the search bar thing is still at the bottom!
I can see myself calling the gits up and them charging me 50p a minute............


I may actually be insane.
Yeah i probably did do it manually (i tend to do that sort of thing)

Have you tried lookin in the OE folder ?
C:\Program Files\Outlook Express
see if theres a backup file (ie 2 files with slightly diff names as if ones been replaced)

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