Please help. Can not access style xp on my guest accounts



Everytime I log onto my guest logon, stylexp gives me an error that I can not access it right at startup:

StyleXP Beta Version 0.820000
Access is denied.
D:\Source\TGTSoft\Themes\stylexp\StyleXP.cpp(2313) : 0x80070005

Please any help is appreciated

Shamus MacNoob

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ok do this

go to run type gpedit.msc

go to computer configuration
go to administrative templates
go to system
go to logon
go to run these programs on user logon

Highlight that and right click go to properties and add the program in question (in your case its your stylesxp )

Specifies additional programs or documents that Windows starts automatically when a user logs on to the system.

To use this setting, click Show, click Add, and then, in the text box, type the name of the executable program (.exe) file or document file. Unless the file is located in the %Systemroot% directory, you must specify the fully qualified path to the file.

Note: This setting appears in the Computer Configuration and User Configuration folders. If both settings are configured, the system starts the programs specified in the Computer Configuration setting just before it starts the programs specified in the User Configuration setting.

the last paragraph means set it in the computer settings and dont worry if it is not in the user settings it will run computer settings first :cool:


Thanks for your reply but that does not seem to work :(

Any other ideas?

Mister Zee

On StyleXP's shortcut, go in the properties, click on the Advanced button, and check "Run with different credentials", then click OK.

Try to launch it now. It should ask you to choose the username you want to run it as, and the password. Use your administrator username/password.

You need to have full admin access to use Style XP as it modifies some core settings. Guests accounts are only that: Guests.. they can't do shit on the PC, so that's why it doesn't work.

Let me know if that helps =P

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