Please Help BSE :(

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Ok, lets try the obvious stuff like safe mode?

If not, boot from the WindowsXP / 2000 CD and choose recovery console.
Login to the console via the administrator account (it will just prompt you for your password, then run chkdsk.


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it happens every time, i can gain access through safe mode, and i have run a chdsk,
and defrag, still nothing and i cant boot from the cd's either

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Well if nothing else, at least you still have access to your data.
Perhaps try reinstalling chipset drivers and making sure your system is full up to date.


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I think personally I would also be looking at my RAM and system temperatures - has the machine been running any hotter? Can you run successful memtest86 runs consistently? If you have two sticks or more it may be worthwhile trying swapping each one at a time to see if that fixes the problem - I am only saying this because it was the cause of 7E problems on a new machine I had until I changed the RAM.


Take it to a puter shop, make sure you remove nething you don't want them to see, like tax returns, invoices, anything else you wish to keep a secret.


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yeah i have taken it to the pc shop ... wee what they can do, and luckly i was able to backup my business files.

thanks for your help fellas
kind regards

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