PLEASE HELP a21e IMB thinkpad wont turn on


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7 Oct 2004
Its my bosses laptop and the power will not turn on.

heres what happened, i uninstalled norton as i was going to in norton antivirus 2005. so when it asked me to restart i did, at the logon screen after restart i put in the WRONG password 3 or four times (caplock), and the laptop frooze, so i held down the power switch on the laptop for 4-5 secs till it turned off, i went the press it again to turn on and nothing, no fan no noise seems like no power. i swapped the power adaptor for another i switched docking stations plugged both power adaptors straight into the laptop but no joy, still wont turn on, i tried different wall sockets that i know work and still it wont turn on. anyone got any suggestions before my boss fires me pleasee.........:(
I highly doubt it had anything to do with Norton or entering the wrong password. Neither of those would cause a hardware problem. It seems like something is internally damaged/loose. Is it still under warranty?
When you have the adapter plugged in while it's undocked, what lights are on? You should have the power light either glowing green(fully charged), green blinking(chargiing), or orange blinking(low and charging) even if the power is off. If the power and cressant moon is green then you need to press the Fn button to bring it out of standby mode. If the power light is on but not the cresant moon then you can press any key to turn the monitor back on. Switching from an external monitor to the LCD can be done by pressing the Fn + F7. To recover from hibernation mode press the power button. If none of these will cure the problem you might try plugging the external monitor into the laptop instead of the docking station. This is assuming that at some point it seems to boot.
it appears the model has a power password feature,

How to remove the power-on password
To remove a POP that you have forgotten, do the
(A) If SVP is not installed:
1. Turn off the computer.
2. Remove the battery pack.
For how to remove the battery pack, see “1010 Battery
pack” on page 57.
3. Remove the backup battery.
For how to remove the backup battery, see “1020
Backup battery” on page 58.
4. Turn on the computer and wait until the POST ends.
After the POST ends, the password prompt does not
appear. The POP has been removed.
5. Reinstall the backup battery and the battery pack.
(B) If SVP is installed and known by the servicer:
1. Turn on the computer by pressing and holding F1. (sounds like the fix - egghead)
2. Enter the SVP. The IBM BIOS Setup Utility menu
3. Select Password, using the cursor keys to move down
the menu.
4. Select Power-On Password.
5. Enter the SVP, at the Enter Current Password field.
Related service information
26 ThinkPad A21e, A22e, i 1800 (MT 2655/2663/2664)

you can get the manual here,

it seems like some type of security feature is preventing the computer from power-up.

hope this helps

keep us updated

btw - svp is the supervisor password - If the SVP has been forgotten and cannot be made available to the servicer, there is no service
procedure to reset the password. The system board
must be replaced for a scheduled fee.

the supervisor password (SVP) protects the system
information stored in the IBM BIOS Setup Utility. The SVP
must be entered in order to access the IBM BIOS Setup
Utility and make changes to system configuration settings.
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