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please dont tell me ill have to reinstall


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ok, i installed diskeeper and tried to defrag. it told me that there was a prob and that i needed to run chkdsk. i ran chkdsk, then ran diskeeper and it gave me the same error. i decided to uninstall diskeeper as i got fed up with it. i uninstalled it, rebooted, tried to run the normal defrag utility and its not there!
it gives me the error message:

Snap-in failed to initialize.
Name:Disk Defragmenter

and after clicking ok on that message, the program appears but with a very similar message. (look at image)

how can i install the defrag utility without haveing to install all windows again?

thx, Apu

PS: i cant use system restore b/c all restore points before installing diskeeper have been erased


One common problem is that people think that by running checkdisk they are fixing any problems that may exist. Not the case. Checkdisk checks for problems. If you want checkdisk to repair the problems you need to tell it to with the appropriate switch. In most cases you want to run the chkdsk /r command (the /r switch tells it to fix disk and sector errors it encounters and assumes the /f switch). So to repair drive c:, for example, the command would be:

chkdsk c: /r


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cool....thats one part of the prob fixed
does anyone know how to reinstall the default defrag utility?


It was never uninstalled - apparently something went wrong with the Diskeeper uninstall..... But since the default utility is actually a subset of Diskeeper, I'd suggest just reinstalling Diskeeper. I use it and it's a fine utility. Anyway, after reinstalling DK you can always try to uninstall and the native defragger should work.

Worst case, you can always use a restore point from just before you installed DK in the first place.


I use diskeeper all the time with no probs, got it set to run in the background every 30 min.

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