Playstation network troubles


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I just got a PS2 network adaptor with NFS Underground 2. Here's my problem: I can't connect to the internet with the network adaptor. Here's my setup:
I got cable internet using an ethernet modem. This modem goes to a 4 ports router. To this router I got 3 computers and now a PS2 connected. All lights blink and flash. Using the Network Access Disc (NAD) I tried establishing a connection to the network, but it constantly fails. This is what I choose in the setupscreens:
- No PPPoE (I connect directly to the router using DHCP. The router uses a DHCP connection as well to connect to my ISP)
- Yes DHCP (see above)
- Yes Auto DNS (see above above)
This should be sufficient to connect to the network, but no, nothing. I tried 2 different networkcables (both straight through of course ;)), one I already got and one that was in the box. I am now connected with the one in the box, just to be sure. The lights on my router are on, as well as to the PS2, indicating there is a physical connection, but whatever I try, it still fails.
Can anyone tell me what I should do? The stores are closed now, so I can't exchange it for another one (maybe this one is broken?). Please help me, I really, really wanna play NFS:U2 over the network :D


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I have read every FAQ there is, but no answers still. I did open up ports 53, 80 (was already open :p) and 443, as stated here. I even tried manually configuring the connection (manual IP, manual DNS), then it succeeds the first 3 steps in testing (establishing connection, PING'ing and trying to DNS), but it fails at traceroute.


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This is interesting:
If you are using a switch, hub, or router, verify that it supports Network Address Translation(NAT).
I could not find any information on the sitecom's (router's brand) website about NAT, is there any sign to watch for in the router to be sure it supports NAT?


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You know what the weirdest thing is? Looks like the network adaptor revs up the fan in my PS2, because everytime I start up the PS2, the fan blows, after a few secs, it blows harder. And when I turn off the PS2, it first has to rev down the PS2, and then it shuts down. Very weird.


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OK, I now know for sure it's the router. I've made a direct connection to the internet and it worked right away. I registered and I should get my PIN in by snailmail within a few days. I should also get a new NAD disc and a free copy of Hardware: Online Arena :w00t:
I already mailed the manufacturer of my router, they mailed me back within 2 hours (must be really quiet there these days :p) asking me more details etc. Let's see how it comes out.


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Is your PS2 for sure getting information from the router? If your router has logging, check the logs and see if it's MAC address is pulling IP/DNS information. I set an IP for my ps2 in the router DHCP settings just to make life easy although I don't think you need to forward any ports to it.

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