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5 Aug 2004

A few months ago Win MediaPlayer stopped playing videos all together, so i used quicktime for everything. I have done a complete reinstall of windows and im still having issues with playback. WMP works now, however all the colours or really low on contrast and saturation, and even full screen quicktime and all of Power DVD is screwed.

I havent installed anythin that i dont normally do and I have put my usual codecs etc on the PC, i dont know why its like this, any ideas?

Well iv never had this issue before and i reinstall quite often. I have installed the latest videio drivers from NVidia, not sure if they are WHQL (if thats the correct name) etc, but they are new ones that I downloaded from the net after i reinstalled, so it could be them i guess. Motherboard drivers i have never had to install
Ohh 91.?? are my ones installed and the last whql by the looks of things is 71.84 so ill download them and give em a blast

ForceWare Release 90
Version: 91.47
Release Date: September 14, 2006
WHQL Certified

Version: 71.84
Release Date: March 11, 2005
WHQL Certified

Hmm maybe i was wrong and they both are whql
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Yeah, NVIDIA drivers have problems alot with contrast etc.
Try adjusting the colours while you are watching it via the NVIDAI display settings.

Don't know exactly where off the top of my head but just prod around.
Motherboard drivers are recommended as they can include enhanced drivers for things like the AGP slot and such. I know my cousin's computer crawls like hell until I install the motherboard drivers.

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