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Play video files from incomplete RAR archives


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Now everyone who can't seem to get those "family videos" to play that have corrupted RAR bits can play them :D

Saw this on Download Squad yesterday, and IMO something like this is long overdue!

Dziobas RAR Player is a media player with a couple of nice features, but one that stands out in particular: the ability to play an incomplete RAR file.

With videos that have been compressed as RAR files, you usually have to wait until the entire archive is downloaded before you can uncompress the file for playback. With Dziobas RAR player, you can view any portion of the RAR file you've downloaded without having to wait for the rest.


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Yea I saw this on Download Squad acouple days ago as well, useful, but not sure when I have ever needed it...hmmm


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Actually gave this a whirl - works as advertised. Only thing(s) I didn't like is you can't fast forward or rewind, can only play/pause. When clip reaches the end, you need to start over - if there was control within the clip itself, that would be sweet.

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