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play old games with new OSs


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i dont know if theres anyone here like me, that every once in a while likes to play some classic and remember the good old days

some of my favorites are sim city 2000, commander keen, wolf3d and the monkey island series

anyway.. most of these dont work in xp, vista and the like
there are many utils out there to play them.. but the best one i've came across is DOSBox
its an open source DOS emu for multiple platforms, and it works very well
it doesnt use virtualization but full emulation

oh, it can be hard to use, but luckily there are many frontends
the one i use is D-Fend Reloaded... its pretty straightforward and has lots of options

hope u guys find this useful :)


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Very nice suggestion, DOSBox is a good way to go. And then again you can find almost any emulator to play these games. And you just have to create an image of your game (or well if they are free now, then just get a copy).


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well.. i know there are others, like ScummVM for lucas arts Scumm based games, but dosbox worked great with everything i've thrown at it.. so, i really recommend it :)

oh, tho maybe another tip
everyone wanting to play doom, duke nukem 3d or quake should instead look into the new engines that came out for each
its much more better that way (with new effects, hi res textures, free aim, etc etc)


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hey cool thanks for the tip - would be cool to play some old games like original doom again. at the moment i use scummvm - i love to play the old point and click games at the moment :D
just need to find out if DOSbox is compatible with win7 - then i will give it a try :)

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