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Play AVI on DVD?


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I didn't know where to post this since I didn't see a section for it. Hope yall don't mind. Basically I have a movie file that's in .avi format and I wanna know if it's possible to be able to burn it on to a regular cd-r/cd-rw so it'll be playable (like a vcd i guess?) on a regular DVD player. I don't have a dvd-rom drive of any sort amazingly enough but just a regular cd-rw drive. Thanks :D
Burning the AVI file directly won't guarantee that the DVD player will play the file. There are DVD players that can play back AVI files (DivX, for example), but you'll need to check the manual for your particular device to see if it supports that.

If not, you'll need to convert the AVI to a VCD/SVCD format when burning it to the CD.
There are lots of guides and tools on VideoHelp to get you started:

P.S. A DVD burner might be a good idea if you want better picture quality. You can pick up good ones for under $40 these days. :)

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Er... Sorry I thought you wanted to convert AVI to DVD.

As mentioned a DVD-Write would be better. Not to mention in quality, shrinking to 700MB or 4.2GB! (Just remember it wont be better then the source)

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