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Plasma Vs. LCD TV's


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which one is better and why?

I'm looking to get one at the end of November and would like to know which one is the better choice and why.

What to look out for in the different technologies etc..
Plasma uses more electric, gives off much much more heat, and can suffer burn-in. (I can always see a faint FOX logo in the lower right corner and the sidebars are a bit lighter than the rest of the screen. This after only 1 year)
If you will be using the plasma for games, you may notice the burn-in much sooner.
If these are your only 2 choices, go with LCD.
Although I'd recommend DLP


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best way i found to choose when i got my tv was to goto a store and see them all in action + see the picture etc for myself. can compare them on equal grounds as they all use the same video input. i chose a 42" plasma tv and it rocks :D picture quality is amazing. none of the lcds i saw looked as good as there plasma equivilant. burn in can be a problem with cheap tv's, the more expensive 1's tend to have protection against it.
Seeing is believing.

The LCD will last longer and be less prone to problems. Plasma is kind of dying out. DLP is replacing it in the big screens and LCD in the smaller. Be aware DLP has an expen$ive bulb that needs to be replaced occasionally.

If your really interested there were some heated debate threads on the various TV types last spring.


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Plasma is superior in saturation, LCD has the edge in resolution. Pro's and Con's both sides. take your Pick. I hear (I think it's Samsung) has developed new Laser HDTV which will be ready for mass production in 2009.
It has all the advantages of Plasma but none of the flaws, i.e. cheaper to manufacture, no screen burning, more energy efficient, better picture, higher resolution, lighter, basicallyy everything the LCD's got but with a superior picture.


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i went with a 34" sony vega tube hdtv. it has the resolution i wanted and an amazing picture. i went to all the electronic stores in my area and the picture on this was far superior then any other tv i looked at. cheaper too. being tube though it isn't as big as the lcd's or plasmas.


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From my understanding:

Plasma has wider viewing angle; better for watching fast moving pictures (quick response time) and you can get larger screen size.
LCD gives sharper picture, lasts longer and consumes less power.

EDIT: someone mentioned about samsung... just to add to that, their new range of tvs have 6000:1 contrast ratio. :)

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