planning on getting this one...any comments?

Not sure what that is in $$ heh, but the XT goes for $199-ish and below here if you want to spend a little extra.
i think about $110USD. too lazy to find a currency thing. at any rate, that's too much. the 9600SE is a straight poor performer. you'd be better off getting a 5200ultra, which is still poor. even a 9200 is better.

get a gf4 ti4200, fx5600 or regular 9600 (not se).

good, simple reference.
the 9600XT is only like 199 and you can find rebates on it and well worth the money...I would save if you don't have enough money and buy the XT
not only that make sure you actually get your HL2 coupon, there was a conflict about which cards actually qualified.
I have heard nothing but bad news when it comes to the 9600SE.
well I think I would go with the 128MB version with the comes from a better known brand (gigabyte) and is only 7 cdn dollars more...If I were choosing I would get the 128meg version cause I really don't think that the 256 is useful yet...waiting on Sazar to chime in he knows all about cards
not really all about em.. i know some :)

btw yes I think the gigabyte card will be your best bet...

havent heard about the other company and the extra memory is not really going to be utilised since your gpu likely will run out of steam before you cross over 100mb in textures...
thanks Tuffgong...i just found this one as well, from sapphire which is less expensive, but still xt. is there an actual noticeable difference between these cards? (i dont mind the games...i wanna play silent hill 3 :p)

thanks again!
the sapphire looks good but you are not getting any of the extra cables with it since it is oem. you are saving some money though...I don'tknow I'm kind of stumped on this one betweem the Gigabyte and the sapphire let me have a little more time to look at them both
ok well I have to say that if I had a choice I would go with the Sapphire because when I think of how much I actually use those cables and things in my card I really wouldn't need them...also I think the money you are saving is worth not getting those cables or games...I would go sapphire
the sapphire will serve you fine :)

the only additional stuff you would need would be the dvi/vga adaptor and teh s-video cable I think and neither should be that expensive..

the core is the same and the reference design is the same...

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