Pixelated picture when printing

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ZipTriX, Dec 14, 2002.

  1. ZipTriX

    ZipTriX Guest

    I'm trying to print a picture to a 4x6 paper. After printing, the picture is pixelated. How do I keep this from happening?

    Picture specs:
    Format - jpg
    Dimensions - 600x344 72dpi

    Thanks for any help resolving this problem.
  2. Herkalees

    Herkalees Guest

    I'm not the best at this but, as long as the image on paper is not any larger than it is on screen, it should pixelate.

    Pixelating only happen when you increase the size of a non-vector image.

    I hope I'm at least part right.
  3. Burpster

    Burpster Guest

    looking at the image size in PS ...that should print fine at 6X4
  4. ZipTriX

    ZipTriX Guest

    I printed it on regular paper first, instead of using the glossy. Maybe that might make the difference. Also just printing it from the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer. Maybe I need to use a different program? This is a first for me. :confused:
  5. Zodiaq

    Zodiaq Guest

    What Printer do you have?

    Your image at that size should print fine but only as good as your printer will allow.
  6. ZipTriX

    ZipTriX Guest

    I have an HP PhotoSmart P1000.
  7. Zodiaq

    Zodiaq Guest

    That printer should do just fine. It supports Up to 2,400 x 1,200 resolution on photo paper.

    Just change the settings accordingly when you print;)