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Pixar/Disney rips off Tim Burton !



Is it just me, or does it bother anyone else that Pixar/Disney so blatently ripped off designs from Tim Burton's design portfolio from way back in the day when he was a Disney stooge! Yes, I know all that intelectual property blah blah blah....but watchin the DVD extras with my kid and seeing other people claim credit to creatures as they scroll Burton designs on screen is just NAUSEATING !

OK...so it's just a kids movie....but it's the principle damnit !!
Its a bit like when William Orbit produced Madonnas last album, it sounded sooo much like a William orbit album with madonna singing - yet she gets all the credit.

Pop Stars - sheesh, thanks the gods for P2P File sharing.


Tabula Rasa

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Its creative borowing....
whats not ripped off now days...

music - OMFG, if i ever meet one of these Linkin park kids, errr!!!
movies - "I am Gladiator" STFU!!!

Sick Sad World!!!


Oh please... what was the last truly original movie you ever saw... Almost all movies and or music has been done and BTW Disney is notorious for ripping off other stories. Remember the Lion King, then check out a Japanimation movie called Kimba (I thinks thats what it was called) Disney had to pay a boat load of money after they got sued for stealing that one. I am not a Disney fan at all.


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Who cares? Disney/Pixar movies kick butt. Toy Story (both 1 and 2), A Bug's Life, Monsters, Inc. and the soon to be released Finding Nemo are among the best movies ever to be released. They are not only for children, but these movies include humor only adults understand.

If you don't know it by now, that's how the world works. The "mouse" was ripped from Xerox. Get over it.

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