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What is piracy?


From: http://www.microsoft.com/piracy/how_types.mspx
(theres alot of other ecplenations on this site, but we are interesded in only the definition)

Types of Software Piracy
End-User piracy: When users copy software without appropriate licensing for each copy. This includes both casual copying and distribution between individuals, and companies who do not strictly monitor the number of software licenses they install and do not acquire enough licenses to cover their software installations.

Pre-installed Software: When a computer manufacturer takes one copy of software and illegally installs it on more than one computer.
Consumers should be on the lookout for proper license documentation when purchasing a new PC, to ensure they're getting what they paid for. For more information on what to look for, visit the COA page.
The unauthorized copying of software. Most retail programs are licensed for use at just one computer site or for use by only one user at any time. By buying the software, you become a licensed user rather than an owner (see EULA).
You are allowed to make copies of the program for backup purposes, but it is against the law to give copies to friends and colleagues.
Software piracy is all but impossible to stop, although software companies are launching more and more lawsuits against major infractors.
Originally, software companies tried to stop software piracy by copy-protecting their software. This strategy failed, however, because it was inconvenient for users and was not 100 percent foolproof. Most software now requires some sort of registration, which may discourage would-be pirates, but doesn't really stop software piracy.

An entirely different approach to software piracy, called shareware, acknowledges the futility of trying to stop people from copying software and instead relies on people's honesty.
Shareware publishers encourage users to give copies of programs to friends and colleagues but ask everyone who uses a program regularly to pay a registration fee to the program's author directly.

Commercial programs that are made available to the public illegally are often called warez.

Internet Piracy: When unauthorized copies are downloaded over the Internet. If downloads are made available on the Internet, make sure that the publisher has authorized this distribution.

Counterfeiting: When illegal copies of software are made and distributed in packaging that reproduces the manufacturer's packaging. Counterfeit registration cards with unauthorized serial numbers are often included in these packages.

Online Auction Piracy: takes several forms, such as:
Software resold in violation of the original terms of sale, NFR (Not for Resale), or OEM software that is never authorized for resale by a third party.
Online distributors offering special deals with the software publisher, liquidated inventories, or acquisition through bankruptcy sales. These types of phrases are used to fool consumers into believing that they are getting genuine product that wouldn't otherwise be discounted.

So this is piracy?
Well this is what everybody over 14 years, that owns a computer, and kowns that it's possible to play games, whatch movies and listen to music on it, belives is piracy.
Well this is pretty much what the laws says, so this is piracy.

That means if we stop peolple from using software they haven't payed for. No matter how they got it, and understand that if nobody pays for the the producing of games, movies and music eventually there will be no more games movies, or music, that people wont work free, if we stop this, piracy will go away.

"However, a case -- as we know -- always has two sides."

Why are we pirates?

This why some do it and some dont:

From a gaming forum.

MasterMayday Posted: Oct 26 2004, 17:24
but demos are lame...
IM mainly against piracy...but i think that the industry needs to lower prices
50€ for a game might not be much for you ppl but i cant spend 50€ for each game..
means i normally dont get to play half the games i want to...totaly sux..

irloading Posted: Oct 26 2004, 17:35
well i'm guilty of purchasing pirated games, tis my choice...
either the original game is not available yet, or the price is too steep to be considered a "reasonable" price.. mind you our economy is in the crapper, and thanks to our friendly neighbors and our cheap-a$$ demand for the newest/latest games or whatever (shoes, clothes and DVDs [movie and games] apply) piracy/fake goods will always be preferred by the masses... tis practically the same quality minus all the frazzle, and comes hella cheaper than the real thing...
and as long as there are ways to record media/data, piracy will go on longer than anyone expects, it's been going on longer than these P2P programs ever came out or any means to d/load games or have a net connection fast enough to d/load them... I remember there was a court ruling about recordable media in the states or something, cant remember... something about not allowing the discontinuation of betamax,etc. etc. cant remember

MasterMayday Posted: Oct 26 2004, 17:45
p2p will go on till the pricews come way way down---once those rich company
owners notice that they cant get away with overpriced stuff anymore then
we will be able to buy games at a normal price...sure they are loosing
"millions" a yr..but ever ask how much they gain?? Millions is nothing for them.
They are in no danger of going out of buisness...look at ea..last term they
made more noney than they expected...
But still its not good to download every game....i like to support the industry.

Opius Posted: Oct 26 2004, 21:48
I have no problem paying for games/movies/music that are worth the asking price.
For example, GTA Vice City has kept me actively amused for the past 18 months. $80 for 18 months of enjoyment comes down to about $0.15 a day.
Same with movies. There are very places on the internet where you can download decent quality movies, and even less places where they're even on par with DVD quality. Adding to that, my rule is that if I watch a downloaded movie more than once, it's good, and I generally buy it.

Daggdave Posted: Oct 26 2004, 21:51
buy it if i had the money, i have no money and im going crazy, cause i really want SA, so im almost tempted to download it, but i think that would be a sh*tload of work

loseruser Posted: Oct 26 2004, 23:13
I will buy the games for the PS2 and play those, but if I wanted the game for the PC I will not buy it. I have already experienced the game to it's fullest, but it would be great if I could be able to change it around, add mods, etc. I'm getting SA tomorrow but when it comes out for PC, I won't be buying it again.

Magephil Posted: Oct 27 2004, 01:24
See here's my policy on game piracy. "It's wrong. But f*ck your mother." That's also my policy on downloading music. It I can get it for free, I will. I mean, I could try to justify it by saying that games are too expensive or there are enough people who buy games to keep the industry alive or that I'm a product of Capitalism (!). But, no. f*ck your mother.

Basically we do it to save money or get more of it. And we get the feeling of getting something for free, in a world where everything cost money, everything. We do it because we work hard to get our money, and we want to feel that what we bought, was worth it. And then there are all the other million idividual reasons to do it.

But it is a problem, and something will go wrong if this problem isn't solved. So we need to solve it. And we need to resolve it toghether.

I want your solution to the problem, or at least what you think, youre opinion. Beacuse we control the demand, and the demand controls the price. But the demand will always be there, and so will piracy. So we need to compromise. If we can't remove it, but we dont want the industry to go away, we need to reduce it drastically.
In ten years, there will be 10 million more gamers than today. How many more people will be watching movies, or be listening to music?
All I know is that that's alot of lost funding.
If we start here maby we can speed up the process. The more money they get the better games they make.
But cost is critical.


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i am in the process of reading it, just i try and look for the last sentance that sums up the fast 50 :eek: :s

btw welcome to osnn :D


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I uhh agree, umm what was the question again?

Ohh yeah piracy!! Harr me be a booty pirate on the high seas of lust!!!

I agree though, it's like gasoline. Poor people can only afford older less fuel efficient cars and trucks, so who does teh hike in gas prices hit first? The soccer mom driving her 5 ton Ford Extasy, or the poor driving their $500 79' whatever with a brown door and three bald tires?

I think i'm wandering off subjesst, i seem to have consumed ther better ppart of a 12 pack.

I have alot of music that isn't "mine" but i have had teh CD's and they got scratched or lost. And alot of live music and unavailable music. I don't think that is piracy, and Iwill not buy a new game or movie, like the aticle said wait till it drops. They can't screw everyoner forever.

Admiral Michael

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For me it's mainly a cost issue. Also its that Im against a few things

Software - Software Activation (expecially Windows) I dont like limitations. If it wasn't for the activation I would consider purchasing it when I get the money. I do like owning a actual copy but most of the time the cost is too much.

Games - I usually download games to test them out first, if I like them I'll buy them. Especially online multiplayer where u need a serial key.

Movies - I just downlad them to hold me off til they come on video, I like having the nice case and disc.

Music - Most of the song I listen to are not widely available to purchase, so this is the other resort.


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shareware is the answer - unfortunately human nature means shareware is "taken advantage" of.....

IMHO games should be released at shareware level with much of the game disabled, like maybe the save game feature or high res. modes.... then when you pay you get the full experience....

Just my thoughts

Electronic Punk

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The only time I will ever pirate something is if it is available for retail to people (say released in the US and not in the UK), it will drive me mad and I will do everything to get a copy. Having said that, when it is released I do buy a copy.


I may actually be insane.
I'm ironically wearing a "Support Piracy" shirt as I type this. I'm the same as Punk though really, I'll always pirate something if it's out on the net and isn't scheduled for release for another 3 weeks or so. I'd rather be playing a game/watching a movie/listening to a cd, than waiting 3 weeks for my pre-order to drop through the letter box ;)

At the end of the day, if something's worth the money, buy it. :)
yeah, its all down the worth really, if I feel its worth it and I can justify the price then I will buy it.

Sometimes I slash out on something which I really think will be good, like the HL2 Gold package :/
Me self ive neber tried it but if the bounty is hi enough ill be coming aboard with me sword and me musket looking for fun on the high seas and at every port. Know of any good ships takin on mates? r r r frogg

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