Piolet v1.03


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I just downloaded the new Piolet v1.03 a reall nice new P2P program based on the Blubster.
I have some problems with the program and I didn't fine any officail support on their Home Page so I would like to know if I can post Here my question and someone maybe can help me.

Please reply here and tell me if someone knows the program and I can post here the question.

Thank you very much !

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
I installed this today after seeing your post. :) Install went OK although it did install mcaffee anti virus which had it's own uninstaller so that was easy to get rid of. I had to disable my fire wall to get it working but work it does. This thing rocks. :happy:


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I don't know what to do, I have no firewall, and no router but it doesn't work.

I know it is a great network, a really fast protocol with just mp3's and ogg's I can't ask more, a real good network but ir doesn't work here and nobody can't help me, nor here or in the blubster forums (piolet v1.03 is the same as Blubster v2.0 Beta 2).

If someone can help me and know about networking problems I will be glad !!


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ok, here is the problem.

I have some conection problems but not like everybody.
First my pc : Win XP PRO sp1, conecting to the net through an ADSL usb modem. I have no firewall installed (XP included one also disabled) and have no Router.
I searched over the net and found out these are the two solutions firewall or router but I don't have any of those and cannot conect.
I don't have either Any antivirus.

Please help me to conect....


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Originally posted by Hipster Doofus
Have you tried using the 'community' button or is that cactus as well?
I tried it but nobody helped me out, I contacted Pablo Soto, the Creator and I am in contact with him.
What I noticed is that there is a problem here in Israel I think conecting to the UDP protocol.

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