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Pio > Dma


The Analog Kid
I have a 12x DVD drive as master and 12x CD-RW as Slave on my secondary IDE channel. I have "DMA if available" selected for both drives, but they both remain PIO. I remember someone on this board explaining a way to force DMA, but I forget what it is. I'd appreciate some help on this.


The Analog Kid
I know that the DVD has run in DMA before. (I added a new HDD)

I don't know about the CD-RW.

DVD = Hitatchi GD-7500



ur problem can be solved by using a registry tweak.

it works for both win2k and xp. its in a foreign language, but just scroll down until u see the picture of the "Advanced Settings" box from device manager...


The Analog Kid
Tried that reg tweak but didn't work. I wonder if this has anything to do with my VIA 4in1's

I know I had the DVD in dma before, and I did a while ago install new 4in1's, so I wonder if that is the prob.

Maybe someone knows a little more about those than I do?


Device Manager - Delete those devices, Reboot.
I got my CD-ROM from PIO 4 to Multi-Word DMA 2 that way

Mr Dead

i had this problem and I tried every driver and reg tweak I could get my hands on. In the end I just swapped the drives around and that solved my problem.

p.s. make sure you have dma option enabled in bios.


you've checked your bios, right? i know some mobo's have it off by default.

i recently had the same problem, and with, you guessed it, an LG burner (8160B). i have 2 hdd's on primary cable, and dvd and burner on secondary cable. the burner is the slave. i got everything to be recognized as dma, but then when i went to burn a cd, i got an error message saying it couldn't communicate with the device. i'm gonna try making the burner master, and the dvd slave, and try flashing the bios on the burner.
DMA is on in the BIOS. I do have the burner as master on secondary. I can comunicate with it. hell, most of the time I can burn. I've just been getting alot of underruns (especially with audio discs). I just wanna be able to force DMA on the channels.


I had exactly the same problem as you, i changed every setting i could without success. I finally read somewhere, that switching the ide channel that your drive is plugged into can fix the problem...and it did!

my dvd player was in the primary ide slot and could only get PIO, but i remeber that before fiddling with my dirves i could get ultra dma. my cdr was in the secondary and was getting multi-word dma mode 2...i switched them around and suddenly my dvd got ultra dma 2.


I had that problem once after doing a reload, and went to the VIA site and got a fix file for the primary/secondary. It's was an IDE filter driver, and can be downloaded HERE. Very lowest download on page. I know it says it is in the 4-in-1s, but it didn't work for me til I DL'd this and installed it.

Hope this works. It did for me....:D

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