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Pinnacle 9.4.3 Update


High On Life!
Well this time im not that late, a new update 5 days ago! lol :yowch:
Version : 9.4.3
Date Inserted : 11/5/2005
Extension : EXE
Size : 67.4 MB

Pinnacle recommends installing this Studio 9.4.3 patch for all previous Studio 9 and Studio 9 Plus versions.
IMPORTANT: Do not patch a BETA. If you have installed a BETA patch, uninstall Studio, reinstall from CD and then apply this patch.

Studio 9.4.3 is the latest version of Studio 9 to be released.

Change Log
Download Patch Full Version
For Other lite downloads head on over to
9.4.3 Update Page
Ps could a mod please change the name of the thread if it doesnt automatically change with my post edit?
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Re: Pinnacle 9.4.2 Update

Thanks for posting it though. People who missed it last month will find it useful.
I just don't think it's frontpage news worthy a month after it's released. :)

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