Pierce Brosnan No Longer Bond

Who Should Be the Next James Bond


    Votes: 14 58.3%
  • Ewan (i dont even know who he is) but he was requested

    Votes: 3 12.5%
  • Mark Walberg

    Votes: 0 0.0%

    Votes: 3 12.5%
  • Other (specify)

    Votes: 4 16.7%

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The truth is finally out. Sad to hear it after being kept in the dark for so long... (think one and a half years now). First heard of this rumour last year, now it's the truth. sigh!


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Man, the period between Die Another Day and the next Bond movie might be the longest break in my lifetime. Thought the average space between them was around 4-4.5 years.


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Each actor has brought their own personalities to the bond character.

My least favourites have been the last two, but that was because they took a lot of directions personally I don't agree belong in a bond movie.

IMO, the best bond girls have been unknown actresses, after all it’s not like they have to open their mouth besides for old James. This has been a major detracting value of the last few; the bond girls have been terrible.

In any case who ever is going to be bond in the next few movies will definitely bring something new and unseen to the bond character and should be entertaining to say the least


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I think Ewan McGregor would make a sweet Bond. Then he'd be only one role away from completing the "Kickass Male Role Trifecta," being Jedi, Bond, and then he could be liiiiiiiiiiiiike...I dunno. Something else cool. :D

don't think anybody could beat Sean Connry (however his last name's spelled) as a bond. he was awesome. think mostly cause of his accent. don't know why.

Pierce was good too. don't know who would replace him. and if it IS Timmothy Dalton..... i hope this is one movie where bond get's shot a LOT.


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ElementalDragon said:
-think mostly cause of his accent-
British spy with a Scottish? accent, lol...guess its one of the colonies.

I agree he was the best, albeit Golden Eye IMO was one of the best bond movies, Pierce Brosnan did a great job as Bond in that one.
I think Die another day was a terrible bond movie. It was a little bit too much with the whole Ice building and whatnot. I do like that bond actually got caught at the beginning for a few years or however long it was. Made him seem more realistic instead of SUPER SPY status.

I do think Ewan would make a pretty good Bond. But I do think Pierce Brosnon was the best. He just had that sophisticated look and style that made him a bond. Sean Connery was a great Bond (Despite the scottish accent). But I have to go with Pierce as far as the best.

I don't think that Hugh would be good as Bond. Because he'd get too "Tired" of acting the role. As well as he doesn't have that clean look like a bond character should have.
He has more of a rugged look.
Can someone add a poll? I want to vote for Ewan. He's a little boyish looking, but some makeup and hairstyling can fix that. Plus he could carry the role for a long time.

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Timothy Dalton was already a bond and doubt he will be again.
Bond should be British, so yeah Orlando Bloom (oh god please no) or Ewan Mcgreggor would be fine.

Anyone watching the long way round with Ewan Mcgreggor at the moment on Sky one? Fantastic series... !!!

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Who added the poll and doesn't know who Ewan Mcgreggor is?!?!?!!!

Not onl was he Renton from Trainspotting, but he is Obe Wan!!


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Electronic Punk said:
Who added the poll and doesn't know who Ewan Mcgreggor is?!?!?!!!

Not onl was he Renton from Trainspotting, but he is Obe Wan!!
um.. haha.. who is that guy from Lock, Stock again?!?! oh.. Vinnie Jones?! :p

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