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Pidgin or other IM client to manage


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I have a need for an IM client that I can sorta control the abilities of what the user can do, such as block file transfer, etc.

I was looking at Pidgin, and obviously can't manage it with GPO but it seems to have some plugins available.

Anyone tackled something like this before, or have comments on Pidgin management? I can't get into doing ports on the firewall with our current setup, as it would be a blanket on/blanket off scenario. I need the ability to control who uses the app (which I will use GPO SRP for), and what they can do with it.


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I've seen this come up at least a few times on slashdot, I'd good
IM site:slashdot.org
and see what comes up. :)


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I looked at that, and most of it seems to be stuff that is internal.

I'm in a tough spot, I have requirements that are going to be tough to pull-off. But we will see what I can come up with.


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Actually installed Spark IM client for internal use off an OpenFire server about 2 months ago. Used a few plugins to allow registration controlled by AD groups to the MSN gateway only, and installed another plugin to block file transfer for all protocols. This also works because the server records all chat history.

Free, easy and the software is already on the machines :)
If you are using Spark for personal use, it's a decent solution. Would never use it for business purposes.

Last update of Spark appears to be about 18 months old at first check? Odd.


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I noticed that today actually, it has indeed been awhile. However, it suits our needs and is obviously cost effective so it will do.

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