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Picture Quality


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Alright, I am doing this cover, its for a magazine, so print media.

When I look at my design in Print Size it looks like the picture here..

choppy and blah

but when i view it in Actual Pixels it looks fine.

Am i doing something wrong? Will it print out with those choppy looking ness?
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Are you set for WYSIWYG with your printer and graphics proggy? And why don't ya just do a test print?

Also, ummmm, wouldn't the hockey stick look better with some contrasting color? Or even with the handles done with diagonal lines to look like the handle wraps. Or is this the way the client wishes it to be?


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It's not final yet, so it can change.

I guess I can do a print test. I have never really done any setup with my printer. It was just a plugged in, add driver and thats how I print. How would I look for those options and such. I don't have software on my computer for my printer.


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What's the DPI for the image? It's probably set @ 300 if its for print... and computer screens can only go up to 72 DPI, so that's why it's blurry. It should print out fine.


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What's the DPI for the image? It's probably set @ 300 if its for print... and computer screens can only go up to 72 DPI, so that's why it's blurry. It should print out fine.
hahaha yes silly me, of course!!!!!!!!!!

i never thought about the monitor, yea its at 300dpi and well u know the rest.



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it looks "bad" because it's been quickly resized (somewhere between nearest neighbour and bilinear, if i'm not mistaken) to fit the window or your screen, which will be the case every time you're not viewing the image pixel-for-pixel. eg zoom out and you'll see what i mean.

nothing to worry about, just stick with "actual pixels" or 100% zoom to see it without the artifacts.

all image viewers (even microsoft's windows picure and fax viewer) will do this by the way. the higher quality the scaling, the longer it takes to zoom (resize)


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I would recommend for doing print work trying to do all your artwork in vector shapes. A shape like that would be easy to create (you can trace it now) and it would scale to any print size you need. Not to mention you could do a lot of simple but effective ways to make it stand out more, such as adding cloth wrapping (tape or whatever) as just a color with a boarder as diagonal lines, And it would easier to edit overall

Congrats on the job :)


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I just wanted to say it worked out great, I will show you guys the final product once its printed and released but he payed and all went well. He also is giving me a full page advertisement for my graphic design work, and he wants me to do more work for him, not including the 6 issues/a year of the magazine.

Pretty good start for someone who hasn't even finished college for graphic design, high school for that fact.

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