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Picture hosting site?


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Could anyone recommend a FREE pic hosting site that is operational and may stay so?

I used to use MDSalih's amongst others - noticed his link now has been redirected to OSNN!

Also use Sony's ImageStation - they have done something to restrict external linking...

I even had a couple of others but they have all ceased to be free!

I would really like to keep one that was stable - quite happy to treat like "shareware" and after getting good service make a paypal donation to help cover bandwidth useage.....

(ONE DAY I will have my own webspace and server and this will not be an issue - but not yet!) :eek:


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
I like tinypic, and have actually hosted some there for now - but actually have some webspace now (thanks to Geffy ;) ) so when I can get around to it there will be a got-w00t site out there I guess... hehe

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