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Pics from our crash


High On Life!
yeah hes the only one that got hurt, u can kinda see it on his face, the side airbag came out and smacked him out cold, we slapped and woke him up, lol, nothin happend to me and my other friend as we were on the passenger side, which nothing happened to cuz we were going in circles and everything hit on his side (as u can see in the last two pics)just lil tiny pieces of glass got in my skin but that went away fast, yeah total loss well they said to fix it it would cost more than a new one so yeag total loss, he had bought that car used from a prince only lasted two weeks!


High On Life!
he was trying to go through cars, as he usually does, (hes good at it) but a car came from the left merging on the road with us and our back left of the bumper hit their front right of the bumper, the went into the bridge and we went out of control into some sand and then started spinning

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Reminds me of that peugeot advert where that guy rehsapes his entire car.
Pretty sure I was in an accident a few weeks ago, found white pain and scratch marks all down the side. Oops. :) - Perhaps not tho as I am pretty sure I would have felt it, unless I fell asleep on the motorway again.

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