[Pics] 2nd-Generation iPod shuffle


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27 Dec 2001
The 2nd-Gen iPod shuffle has started shipping. I'll have to stop by the Apple Store soon to check it out.


I like the mini-dock :D

So do I. My main compliant with the 1st-Gen is that you couldn't attach the cap in any way while it was plugged-in. I'm sure some people misplaced the cap.
Fortunately I've not lost my cap yet, though I can see your point. Some people have the lanyard cap with a key-ring through it attached to keys/other, a small tug or knock and boom, there goes your shuffle.
Yeah, I've never done the lanyard thing. I've wanted to put it in my pocket at times, but it's long enough to where I'd worry about busting it in half if I sat down and bent it funny. The size of this new one is perfect for the pocket.

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