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picking router along w/wireless card

hey i need a router for my road runner cable and i also would like a card that goes in my labtop so i can get wireless LAN connection from the router. *does that mean i need a wireless router?* * how is it possible to have a wireless router (the cable has to go thro it some how?* AHHHHHHHHHH???

im geting quite confused about what to get and how there is so many options and its hard to find b/c nothing is rated that good on amazon and there seems to be a big flaw to each one. HELP!


For what you are trying to do you should probably get a wireless router. The router itself is not completly wireless, it should have ports on it just like a reguar router, along with antenna's to broadcast the wireless signal.
Netgear make good wireless routers. Linksys normally make good routers but I heard they had problems with the wireless (dunno if it's true). Try and get the same brand wireless card as the router if you can.

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