Picked a graphics card. What do you think?


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14 Jul 2002
Right folks I've picked a graphics card to superseed my asus geforce 4 ti 4600. It's this one here.

Sapphire ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB DDR TV-Out/DVI - Retail (GX-017-SP)
RADEON™ 9800 Series of visual processors is the most visually advanced 3D performer on the planet, delivering an immersive, cinematic experience for the most demanding next-generation games with up to 256MB of DDR memory and a 256-bit memory interface. Merging advanced stability with revolutionary features, RADEON™ 9800 Series is the only Visual Processing family in its 2nd generation. Prepare yourself for the world's fastest and most compelling gameplay, courtesy of the unprecedented power, control and eight-pipeline architecture of RADEON™ 9800 Series. Experience feature film quality on your PC, the new standard in 3D entertainment. Advanced stability meets revolutionary features with support for Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0, OpenGL® feature sets and the only cinematic quality Visual Processing Unit in its 2nd generation. Featuring CATALYST™, the industry's most stable 3D acceleration software.

- 128MB of DDR memory provides increased performance
- 256-bit memory interface delivers the bandwidth for real-time 3D graphics
- 8-pixel pipeline architecture doubles the rendering power
- SMARTSHADER™ 2.1 supports latest Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0, enabling cinematic quality lighting and shadow effects
- SMOOTHVISION™ 2.1 delivers the sharpest, clearest textures without sacrificing frame rates
- 128-bit full floating point enables billions of color variations for same lighting and effects as Hollywood studios
- Featuring CATALYST™, the industry's most stable 3D acceleration software
- Supports the latest Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0 and OpenGL® feature sets
- FULLSTREAM™ removes blocky artifacts from streaming Internet video
- VIDEOSHADER™ integrates features to provide unprecedented support for digital and high definition video

Full Specification

Price: £177.00 (£207.98 Including VAT at 17.5%)

What do you think is it worth while getting at that price and will I get a better perfomance from it? My 3d mark score at present it 11500 ish. Will that improve by much?
thats a lot of VAT you pay :eek:

but nice card...

will keep you going for a bit..

3dmark2001SE score will improve if you change the settings in the control panel :)

look in the BENCHMARKS section of the forums to compare your product...
thats a lot of VAT you pay

That the UK for you. Would you believe that if a video game in the us is lets say $30. Over here in the uk it's £30. We pay loads more than you lot do for most things.
How much is that in USD? I just bought the same card for $230. My card should get here on Monday, I can't wait.

I think I'll notice more of a difference than you though. You're upgrading from a Geforce 4 TI and I'm upgrading from a Geforce 2 MX 400 lol.
30.00 GBP
United Kingdom Pounds = 54.3239 USD
United States Dollars
1 GBP = 1.81080 USD 1 USD = 0.552243 GBP
I was just looking at another one. What do you think of this one. It costs a little more but is it worth the little extra?

Hercules 3D Prophet 9800 Pro 128MB DDR & Half Life 2 Bundle - Retail (GX-017-HE)
Based on the RADEON™ 9800 PRO – the fastest, most visually advanced 3D chipset on the planet – the ultra-powerful 3D Prophet 9800 Pro graphics board features a 256-bit DDR memory interface and 8-pixel pipeline engine for the ultimate in hardcore fragging, 128MB of DDR RAM, Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0, OpenGL® hardware support, incredible core (380Mhz) and Ram (340Mhz DDR) clocks, advanced filtering technologies (Anisotropic Filtering up to X16 and Full Scene Anti-Aliasing up to 6x) for high-quality rendering without a compromise in framerates. As usual, Hercules has developed a set of customized features to exceed gamers’ already high expectations. This technological wonder will definitively transform the gaming experience of demanding users, immersing them in a world of photorealism and visual amazement.

- 380MHz core and 340 MHz DDR RAM frequencies
- Supports DirectX 9
- AGP 8X/4X/2
- Cool Blue PCB
- Unique Copper cooling system
- Heatsinks on the RAM, back of the GPU and voltage controllers
- Heatsinks fixed with Thermal Adhesive
- Silent cooling fan (< 28 dB) with blue LED
- Bundled with full version of XIII & PowerDVD
- Bundled with coupon for single player version of Half Life 2 (released 2004)

Check out this review of the Hercules 9800 Pro over at Game2XS.

Full Specification

Price: £199.95 (£234.94 Including VAT at 17.5%)
Check the sapphire web site to see if they are still bundling the half life 2 coupons. That is the only difference between the packages PRO. The XT version only offers a marginal speed increase at a significant cost increase.

Given a choice between sapphire and hercules I'd buy the sapphire.

BTW for all those ordering the Sapphire 9800 PRO for ~$230 USD. A buddy got his on Friday and loves it. He reports a noticeable improvement in Battelfield 1942 play at full detail. He was running a 9600 Pro. Also, before he bought we got pictures of the ATI, Powercolor and Sapphire boards. They are identical. It is the same board layout and components.

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