(pic) How do I get rid of this screen?


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yes.. go into your bios and change your boot order to boot off either the cd and/or hard drive before trying to do a network/PXE boot.

The place and wording of where to find this in your BIOS setup will vary depending on your make/model/version of BIOS

edit: this is assuming you have a hard drive with a valid install. If you only get this message and never get an Operating System to load.. then I would suggest installing one to remove said message. :)


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How does that work? the network boot? Is it just pulling down a profile from a server and loading a copy of windows locally?


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I've seen that before. Usually its like Fitz said and if you remove it from the boot order it goes away. Sometimes you have to configure it not to run. The configuration command is different for every board but for mine it was ctrl+shift+F10 at the initial detecting ide drives screen.


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It's the boot order. Usually right when you start your computer, you have the option for Bios settings. And in there should be a boot menu. Change it from Network, to Local Drive or C: depending on the boot settings.


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OK. Got it. Had to disable network boot even though I already had the boot order set to C drive first. Thanks for the help.

BTW, the board is an Intel D975XBX2.